Food for Thought: Screw That

Food for Thought: Screw That

Not feeling particularly inspired by my theme for the week: I can do this.

Especially not after being informed by my 3 year old she was “feeling upset because you told me to go potty” plus the 10 minutes of crying about putting on underwear and then her telling me to put her blanket in the closet but that I didn’t put it in right because it was hanging off the shelf and could be seen.


When I think of “healthy food” and health coaching, sometimes pictures of fresh and colorful berries and baskets of vegetables picked from the garden come to mind, as well as smiling people frolicking through a sunny and grassy meadow. Part of me is like – wow, I want to live like that! And another part is like – dang, I don’t frolic and I don’t have any bowls of berries. Also, I frown sometimes. What’s my problem? Clearly my attempts at health are…sucky.

Trying to “be healthy,” eat meals of whole foods, and take care of yourself and your family in real life – it’s not always a plate filled with the colors of the rainbow, or just right on the vegetables to grains to protein ratio, or frolicking through a meadow, or smiling at everyone, or whatever. Screw that.

Sometimes it’s about getting through the day the best you can, and doing the best you can with what’s on hand. And then showing up again the next day.

Today’s dinner will be pasta, again. This may be the third meal of pasta this week and we’ve still got the weekend, but who’s counting. And it’s not even whole grain pasta (gasp!!). I think I’ve got some vegetables in the freezer or one more bell pepper I can cut up. If I remember, I’ll also throw in some apple slices. And I’m doing the best I can  in my real life potty and underwear drama, and it’s all good.


Continue on, rockstar. You’re doing just fine.

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