Epic Dinner Fails (Or Not)

Epic Dinner Fails (Or Not)

Happy Wednesday! I hope something exciting has happened for you today (and if not yet, go and give someone a wedgie or a compliment, your choice).

So I’d planned to talk about epic dinner fails (vegan bechamel sauce, I’m looking at you). The post’s structure was planned, the words were coming together beautifully in my head, and the dinners to share were doozies (note: do not make a vegan bechamel with vanilla almond milk and skip trying to use it (vanilla or not) as a sort of “cheese” for pizza — both turn out terrible). I decided to take a quick rest to reset (read: laying on the couch with kids sitting on top). Then I was ready. And my son decided he needed to weed the backyard.

While his attempts at weeding were appreciated, his method of “whack a weed” left gaping holes for people to fall in. Upon this realization, I rushed to halt the effort. He told me he was looking for buried treasure. Apparently my direction of “Dude, do not dig in the backyard!” was unclear as he kept trying other methods (“Maybe she won’t notice a shovel or the lawnmower!”).

Once he finally stopped the weeding attempts, he came inside and decided to look through the cupboard (see exhibit A: yes, that is a box of matches; no – he does not still have it). Great. Meanwhile, his little sister was picking dandelions and periodically assisting him.

Now they are back outside, sitting on the steps and blowing bubbles. So I’m trying to write again and the words are gone. Oh well. I guess epic dinner fails will have to wait for another day.

It strikes me that this afternoon is like life, that maybe this even is life:you have a goal, you set a plan, and then some sort of crappola (good, bad, or indifferent) happens. Maybe you were starting to exercise again and then sprained your ankle. Or maybe you’re trying to cook more at home but get to the end of the day, short on ingredients, time, and energy (though if you could find a way to use the “whatever, screw it!” juice, you could feed an army).

And then you deal with it, because that’s really the only thing to do (though mean-mugging everyone and eating chocolate chips will help for a little while – I tried this route first).

You might find yourself surprised by some unexpected beauty: maybe your arms get ripped from crutching around (a surprisingly effective arm and core workout), you find a new go-to dinner that’s quick and still healthier than take out (if you’ve got tortillas or big lettuce leaves, hello wraps – pretty much anything works in a wrap, even random wilted fridge veggies), or you get a tiny bouquet of bright yellow flowers handed to you with a sweet smile while belly laughing from listening to explanations of why digging needs to happen.

Perhaps the key is: Show up to whatever shows up. It all works out in the long run somehow — it always does (and if it seems like it’s not, perhaps just evidence that it’s a work in progress). Whatever you do is enough and perfect. Just keep swimming in the hot mess of life.

Exhibit A

What exciting thing happened to you today? Give anyone a wedgie (or a compliment)? How’d it go? Let me know in the comments below.

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