Blow Your Mind: 1 Tip for Better Health

Blow Your Mind: 1 Tip for Better Health

So, I’m pretty passionate about health. I bet you never would’ve guessed.

When I look back over my path from secretly gobbling pints of ice cream, a 12-pack+ of diet soda a day, and bottles (and bottles) of wine, to regular breakfast smoothies and actually looking forward to a spot of exercise in the morning (man, I’m a cranky grump without it), it kind of tickles me pink. What a fun ride. High highs and low lows. I still have some scars from scraping my face repeatedly on the ground of the pit — somehow they look more like beauty marks to me now.

Anyway, I digress.

Today, I’ve got a tip that will seriously improve your health if implemented. Yup, seriously. Now note: this is NOT a magic bullet, quick fix, or “lose weight to get back to your birth poundage” tip. If that’s up your alley, feel free to check out another site. This is for folks in it for the long haul, who want to rock out good health and weight happiness on a sustainable level and are willing to do the work to bring on the glow.

Without further ado, here it is:


What do I mean by that, you ask? My A to your Q: Start where you are and go from there.

Some folks need and thrive with black-and-white boundaries and may be able to change many parts of their diet at once; if you’re one of these folks, awesome sauce —  totally go for it. I’m not one of those folks. Hence where upgrading comes in.

Say you or your kids like hot dogs. Cool. The next time you go grocery shopping, look for a package that is all beef without added hormones or antibiotics; some organic version are even available (Applegate carries some tasty dogs we dig). On the bun end, look for a package containing ingredients you can recognize and read out loud without a dictionary or Dr. Google. If you’re feeling adventurous, extend the upgrades to your condiments: look for ketchup, mustard, relish, etc., containing recognizable ingredients. Go for stuff grown from a plant rather than stuff made in a plant.

When you’re ready to branch out further, see where you can add in some fresh fruit to a meal (slice an apple) or a few fresh or frozen veggies (love me some frozen broccoli in a pinch). Aim to add a spoonful of extra color to your plate from veggies or fruit at each meal. Go for it with kids, even if they don’t eat it the first (or 15th) time — hey, they’re getting familiar with something different even if just looking at it. When you’re up for more, add a second spoonful of another color.

Maybe it seems like a small thing; maybe you’re shaking your head. That’s okay, I’ve rolled my eyes many a time. And what I keep coming back to because I’ve found it works for me: upgrading with baby steps.

With a little something each day or week, it’ll knock your socks off where you’ll find yourself the next month and the next year (without breaking your budget, schedule, or finding yourself wailing in the corner, sure you’re a failure, trying 20 things at once). Seriously — mind blown.

If you’re feeling the itch to change up the food status quo, what’s one thing you could do today? It’d tickle me purple to know: leave a comment below.

6 thoughts on “Blow Your Mind: 1 Tip for Better Health

    1. skipthebox Post author

      Thanks, Daneen! Kind of funny, I used to poo-poo baby steps (and sometimes still catch myself doing it), and they are the only thing that has ever really worked for me.

  1. Sarah Palacios

    My new fav healthy snack is jicama drizzled with lime juice and sprinkled with chile powder or paprika. The crunch is so satisfying! I pack this for a mid morning snack.

    I’m taking your advice and trying for a bit of exercise in the morning rather than hoping I get time during the day. Definitely helps my mood.

    1. skipthebox Post author

      That sounds tasty. I haven’t done much with jicama (tend to talk myself out of at the store when I think about the work I “think” it will take to prep it); may need to rethink. 🙂

      Cool on the exercise. Yeah, I end up in the hoping space if I try in the afternoon (and typically don’t move from there).

  2. Lynee

    I needed this today! I have to replenish my energy before grandson #1 comes to visit starting July 4. I have just enough time to refresh myself with some good exercise, good food, and good sleep. This was a perfect read to support my health plan.

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