Convenient Distractions and Horse Manure

Convenient Distractions and Horse Manure

Hello! A quick word on convenient distractions and horse manure.

So I’m wondering if today’s focus on dieting, body image, and trite phrases ends up being a convenient distraction much of the time.

I don’t know, it’s kind of easy to say, to spend our time running the thought maze of “if I can just get to my goal weight” or “learn to love my body” — then everything will be hunky-dory and life will be beautiful and easy. (Though ever notice this maze is huge and doesn’t seem to have an end? Easy to get sucked into another pathway or even lost, and forget about what is happening beyond the maze.)

I’m all for loving our bodies as is, certainly. I also think being mindful of what we’re eating and drinking is important, and that discovering a diet (or way of eating, if you prefer) that works for us as individuals is crucial to showing up in life.

However, if we get stuck on the surface, if we don’t take a moment to quiet the chatter and see how we feel or consider if/how things are working for us a step or two deeper and why we’re focusing where we are — then perhaps we’re on the edge of slipping into meaningless words and distractions.

We can go around telling ourselves over and over “I love my body” or “I’m going to eat healthy — look, some kale!”. However, if those seemingly positive words just lay on top of loads of something else (maybe pain, hurt, and/or a stuffed down voice), well, they aren’t going to penetrate much.

Layering “positive” thinking on top of pain is, I think, just another way of stuffing down what hurts to feel (and, after many, many personal attempts to see if it does work, I’m pretty confident in saying it doesn’t actually help make a change).

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of suffocating under loads of horse dingleberries, some of it very “positive” indeed. Layered on top of me, pushing me down, keeping me small — it all looks and feels like sh**. Maybe it’s time to go beyond the surface.

I’ve love to hear your thoughts. Anything you find to be a convenient distraction in your life? Leave me a comment below. 🙂

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