Life is Uncomfortable Sometimes

Life is Uncomfortable Sometimes

Hello lovelies! Two things for today:

  1. I’ve been experimenting with this rad online graphic design platform, Canva. It’s been surprisingly delightful to experiment making cool things (and to the creators of Canva, I’m giving you a high five — thanks!). I can create cool things like the image in this post. Oh, the power and the fun! I’m a kid in a candy shop. Watch out world.
  2. Second, I’ve had several reminders recently that life is uncomfortable sometimes. I thought for a long time that any sort of discomfort meant I was doing something wrong and/or needed to immediately stop whatever I was doing and go back into my hole (because clearly I was doing something wrong since I felt uncomfortable). I’m learning (oh I’m learning) that discomfort is part of life, it’s part of growing, and it can be a really good thing. Speaking up and asking for something I want, something I’m interested in? Trying something new? Discomfort central (but generally with a bonus high of excitement and forward movement). I’ve noticed that when I don’t try and don’t stretch, it kind of hurts anyway. A dull, resigned, deep ache. So if I’m going to be feel some sort of discomfort regardless, why not go with the one that comes with a side of excitement and possibility?

Life is uncomfortable sometimes.

*What do you think? Any areas of discomfort in your life right now? What’s your top tip for handling discomfort? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Life is Uncomfortable Sometimes

  1. Lynee

    I hear you about the discomfort of trying something new, and trying to put yourself out there. I have experienced a lot of that, and I’m going to force myself to do more of it when I get home again. Stay tuned…

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