Pageants and Stepmom Bliss

Pageants and Stepmom Bliss

Hello! I’m psyched to share an article I’ve had published on Why Being a Stepmom is One of the Best Things That’s Ever Happened to Me.

The growth and learning can be so uncomfortable and yet never ceases to lead to expansion. Mind blown.

On a related note, yes — my stepdaughter has decided to participate in the local pageant. More in a future post.

We went to see a different pageant in the area over the weekend to get a feel for what to expect at hers. I’ve never been to one. Another mind-expanding evening, let me tell you (and I’m still marveling over the women’s rather amazing ability to walk in some really tall heels). Kudos to all of the women who participated on that stage. You are amazing.


Experience wearing shoes like this or with expanding your mind? I’d love to hear — leave a note below. 🙂

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