What’s Your Health Block?

What’s Your Health Block?

I’ve been thinking lately about what helped when I actually started losing weight after gaining 40+ pounds during college.

As much as I tried, it wasn’t about trying harder or pushing myself more (though to make absolutely sure, I went these routes many, many times). I didn’t find the “perfect” diet or exercise or suddenly become motivated by someone around me. No, what helped the most was starting to recognize and understand my own health blocks.

In the midst of the day-to-day pain, I began to see some patterns and things I kept telling myself, yet deep down (if I was being fully honest) knew wouldn’t work or weren’t true.

Like how I’d tell myself that I’d start tomorrow to get healthy (like tomorrow was somehow going to magically be different than today). Or that once I found the “right” diet, I’d be able to eat healthy all of the time (ummm, yeah — finding the “right” diet was somehow going to save me, so I’m not going to make any effort right now to eat differently because I haven’t yet found the “right” one).

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These health blocks were stories I believed on some level, and maybe they helped at some point in my life (or not), but they certainly weren’t helping me now. And as long as I held onto them, I was not going to be going anywhere positive (and certainly not losing any weight).

As I began to notice these stories and how they were holding me back, leading to patterns that sabotaged any sort of progress, I found myself starting to become aware of and question what I was doing and thinking. In this new space, I started to see that there were other ways to go (and maybe they’d work better). It was here that change started to happen.

More to come on health blocks.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you think about health blocks? Any tripping you up?

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