Health Blocks, Take 2

Health Blocks, Take 2

Today we’re talking a bit more on health blocks.

From what I’ve seen, health blocks are the narratives we tell ourselves, faulty beliefs that are deeply embedded, and/or unconscious fears and insecurities.

These blocks (or stories) can lead us to patterns of action or inaction, and they can hold us back from actually making changes and becoming healthier (by losing weight, changing how we’re eating, etc.).

Our health blocks may have come from micro-decisions made in childhood (e.g., a trusted adult always said “I can’t lose weight” so we started to think losing weight must be really hard to do, which became “I can’t lose weight” as we got older). Or maybe they came from experiences later in life (e.g., the folks considered “successful” at work went to happy hour almost every day, so we started to think we should too, which became “I need wine to deal with the day”).

Health blocks are not bad or wrong. I’m guessing they probably helped make us feel better at some point in our lives on some level. However in the now, they’re holding us back.

If we’re going to move forward towards our health-related goals, we’re going to need to become aware of our personal blocks and then figure out how to best handle them.

If we don’t deal with our health blocks, we’re going to keep sabotaging our own efforts at health. Yeah, not very conducive to actually getting where we’d like to go.

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Stay tuned; we’ll be talking about some of the most common health blocks in the next post.

Thoughts, comments, ahas? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Health Blocks, Take 2

  1. Brooke

    Sometimes mundane days and the same old routine get to me. Today that’s what I’m struggling with. I really just feel overwhelmed and it makes me more likely to make poor health choices.

    1. skipthebox Post author

      Oh yeah, I feel you on the same old, same old. “This is how it is and there isn’t a damned thing I can do about it” pops up for me and it all feels really, really heavy and yuck. Anything you find that helps start to break it up, even just a tad? Jenna sends you her silly grumpy face. 🙂

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