Getting Out of My Way

Getting Out of My Way

Yup, I’ve been thinking a lot about health blocks¬†lately (what I like to call the stories I tell myself related to health that hold me back, like “I’ll start eating better tomorrow!”). I’m thinking it’s because I’ve been really recognizing my big ones and where they’ve tripped me up (and sometimes still do). I’m working on the awareness and moving beyond them. It does get easier! ūüôā

If you’re finding you’ve been getting stuck with making changes, this video may¬†be a bit more food for thought.

Here are the links I reference:

What’s Your Health Block?

Health Blocks, Take 2

Where are You Tripping?

I’m Pulling My Hair Out: How to Handle Health Blocks

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Anything you’re finding that consistently trips you up? Anything you’ve started doing¬†differently? Leave me a comment below.¬†

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