I’m Pulling My Hair Out: How to Handle Health Blocks

I’m Pulling My Hair Out: How to Handle Health Blocks

So we’re feeling the pain of some health blocks and have looked at three common blocks.

What next? What do we do?

We’re all welcome to keep ramming our faces into them if we wish. I’ve done that many times, thinking something different would happen if I just “tried harder” (but only managed to bruise up my face more). I hope things work out better for you if you go this route. I’ll have ice packs ready if you need them.

If we’re tired of the bruises and want to try something different, let’s consider becoming aware of our health blocks, really and truly aware.

Let’s see where they are, what they are, and maybe where they’ve come from in our lives. Perhaps we can identify situations where they’re likely to show up or people who trigger us in some way. Note that there is no blame in this research and learning; we’re just looking to declutter the internal junk that has been in our way and holding us back.

Until we do some decluttering, we’re going to keep tripping over the same stuff.

One method of decluttering: noticing. While you go about your day today, start noticing sticking points relating to health, places you feel irritable, grumpy, annoyed, or that just seem plain old hard.

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For me, a place I regularly notice crankiness is around 5pm when I start to think about dinner. If it’s not the first thought, it’s a close second: “I don’t have time and don’t feel like making anything. It’ll take too long.” This happens probably 4-5 nights of the week.

It’s interesting; part of awesome health for me is taking the time to make a thoughtful dinner. I know that when I do and then sit down and eat the meal, I’m much less likely to keep grazing the rest of the evening. And grazing typically means lots sweets = harder to fall asleep = harder to get up in the morning and less likely to feel like exercise + feeling puffy = crappy moods and eventual weight gain if I keep doing it. Yeah, not so conducive to where I want to be.

Now, I could just “try harder” to push and make dinner when I don’t feel like it, and that would work some of the time. However, when I go that route, I usually end up feeling resentful and grumpy (which can lead to grazing anyway!). Not great either.

Or, I can be aware of those thoughts and the underlying blocks of “I don’t have time” and “Eating healthy is too hard” (which for me, stem from when I wasn’t very comfortable cooking and thought I had to follow a recipe exactly or the world would end, and that healthy meant salt-less bland vegetables and whole grains). When I go this route and ask myself if those thoughts are true 100% of the time, I find that I can’t say “yes!” with a clear conscious. Making a decent meal can be pretty quick, and it really doesn’t have to be hard or complicated unless I make it that way. And when I’m reminded of this, the “chore” of making dinner becomes more of a “get to” make dinner.

So give noticing a whirl today. If you feel like taking notes when you notice something, go for it. Maybe practice noticing tomorrow and the next day too. Any patterns? Perhaps you’ll find out something interesting.

I’d love to hear from you. Any blocks that keep tripping you up? Anything you’ve noticed? Leave a comment below!

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