The Definition of Perfect Health

The Definition of Perfect Health

So, what’s your definition of perfect health? Or if “perfect” trips you up, what’s your definition of awesome, amazing, ultimate health?

Images of rock-hard abs, thin thighs (thigh gap!), size 0 clothing? Tanned and toned bodies flitting around, smiles and flowing hair? Fashionable clothing? White teeth? Daily workouts? No sugar diets?

Something else?

What’s YOUR definition of amazing health? Not what you think it should be, not what you think you’ve been told, not someone else’s picture.

What is your picture of perfect health?

This kind of feels hard to think about. Can I untangle what I really think from what I’ve been told? Where do the definitions mingle; where do they go in different directions?

There is no right or wrong answer. What’s important is that you are living by YOUR definition.

My definition of perfect, amazing, awesome, ultimate health? Waking up before my alarm with energy and finding it easy to smile, joints feeling good, skin clear, digestive system flowing regularly (we’ll skip any gas, bloat, or constipation). It’s eating when I’m hungry and being done when I’m satisfied. It’s feeling comfortable in my clothes and in my skin. It’s moving my body. It’s not feeling a need to check my weight or wonder about the size of my clothing. It’s focusing on the possibilities for the day and recognizing there are so many! It’s seeing the beauty in everyone around me, inside and out. It’s feeling like I can try anything, be anything, do anything. Perfect health is the foundation for helping me show up in my life.

What’s your definition? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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