Just a Freakin’ Number

Just a Freakin’ Number

This morning I had my annual GYN appointment. Good times (and actually, I don’t mind them too much, all things considered — my doctor is awesome and friendly, which I’d say is important if she’s asking me to put my feet in stirrups).

I had an interesting moment while getting dressed before leaving. I wondered what clothing and shoes would weigh the least when I had to get on the scale. Yup, that was considered as criteria in my clothing choice this morning.

I used to HATE getting on the scale, especially after gaining 40+ pounds in college. But really, I didn’t like it much beforehand either — the number would dictate whether it’d be a good day or a bad one, whether I was good or bad. The scale wasn’t my friend.

This morning’s moment reminded me of something so important: weight is just a number.

It can be an indicator of health, like blood pressure or pulse, but it is not an absolute, guarantee, or definition of health, or who I am or what I’m worth. It’s just a freakin’ number.

If I let my shoe size determine how my day was going to be? I’d think I was crazy. Memo to self: sub in weight for shoe size.

Check out this video for more thoughts on the number on the scale:

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Got a love/hate relationship with the scale? Leave me a comment below.

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