Sick? Another Perspective

Sick? Another Perspective

Some virus has hit my house. Maybe it’s hand, foot, and mouth disease (my son just started kindergarten and it’s going around in his class); maybe it’s something else. In any case, he’s had the sniffles for the past few days and started a fever last night. My other kiddo has the sniffles and a sneeze now (we’re just waiting on the fever). I’ve got a touch of a headache today. Good times.

Feeling sick kind of (or really) sucks. Having someone else sick at home sucks.

Moods can be unpredictably volatile (“But I don’t want to watch a movie!!!”). Plans get ruined. Extra cleaning around the house is usually needed and that’s not even counting any bouts of vomiting or diarrhea. (On a side note, one time I used the word “diarrhea” with a boss when I had a sick kid; he told me never to use the “d” word again. Ha, guess my use of such language demonstrates I have small people in my home. I am now extremely comfortable talking about body parts and bodily functions. I think it may be a gift.)

Yeah, fun times all around.

Without denying the challenges that can come with being under the weather, let’s look from another angle. Consider: feeling sick offers us a smack in the face reminder to listen to our bodies and slow down.

When we’re dragging and can only do the basics, it becomes more clear what is actually important (feed the kids –> yes; check Facebook messages and email –> no).

Feeling sick highlights what actually needs to get done rather than what we think “should” or what we’re doing out of habit (or avoidance of other stuff).

Feeling sick is an invite to listen to our bodies and see what makes them feel good (and I mean actually good, not the momentary high that leads to a crash), as well as the stuff we’re doing that we think we need to do for health but that just doesn’t work great for us. The veil of kidding ourselves gets lifted when we’re sick.

I don’t wish sickness on myself or anyone. However, if we find ourselves dragging, why not take the opportunity to learn a bit? It could shine a light on stuff that really isn’t serving our health, and if nothing else, a few minutes of reflection will help pass the time.

For a few more thoughts on feeling sick, check out this video (+ I’ve got a guest with me today).

Thoughts on today’s post or video on shifting the perspective when feeling sick? I’d love to hear — leave a comment below.

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