I’m Nailing Healthy

I’m Nailing Healthy

Sometimes I think that once I figure out how to get my diet in order for good, that once I get a handle on being healthy, life will be easier. That once I have my meals planned out for the week in advance and always leave enough time to make those magazine-worthy meals, I’ll finally have figured out how to balance it all and maybe unicorns will fly out of my ass or something. I don’t know.

I really hate it when my health (and really life) block of “there” shows up. Damn you, health block.

Anyway, last night was a lovely dinner fail. We had pasta again, for the second time this week (though in full disclosure, it’s really the third because the kids had the first dinner’s leftovers for lunch the next day; they’ll probably have last night’s leftovers for lunch today; we won’t even go into last week and how often we had pasta). The world might end, I know.

Perhaps I’m getting a little wiser (or maybe the four plus bags of chocolate chips I’ve eaten over the past month are atrophying my brain). In any case, I’m starting to consider (at least in some moments) that maybe being healthy” isn’t some place to get to, some status to attain, some rigid and “perfect” way I need to eat.

Maybe “being healthy” is about showing up in my messiness and trying.  It’s about doing the best I can with the meals (however that looks), cutting myself some slack, and making sure I’m giving my kids enough hugs and me a bit of something I like to do time each day. And anything on top of that is a bonus.

Right now, I feel tired, deeply tired. I don’t think I’ve ever hit snooze so many times in my life. It’s been an interesting past month and a half: my husband’s open heart surgery at the beginning of August (and he’s recovering really well — it’s pretty amazing to see), the kiddos starting a new school year, and finishing up my book have been some of the biggies. And in a variety of ways, 2016 has been a rather full and interesting year thus far on the whole. So if pasta is the best I can do some (or most) nights right now, it’s okay.

Maybe it’s even the picture of being awesomely healthy.


P.S. I haven’t yet decided what was the funniest thing said at last night’s dinner. The top contenders:

  1. Son to dad: “Daddy, you’re an old man.”
  2. Daughter to me: “Mommy, I don’t like you. You’re a rattlesnake.” (Said after I asked her to sit down and eat.)
  3. Son to me: “Mommy, do you like having 10 brothers?” (Note: I don’t have any brothers. I have two sisters.)

I’d love to hear your thoughts. In the comments below, let me know what being healthy looks like to you (or if you have a vote for your top funny). <3


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