Hand Cramps and Daily Meal Plan

Hand Cramps and Daily Meal Plan

Today I’ve got two things to share. They may seem unrelated but really, they go together, at least in my head. Go with me on this.

First, a note to self that I was reminded of while watching an excellent Marie Forleo interview with Grace Bonney (and continue to get smacked in the face with each day):

There is no “there,” no finish line where the heavens will open and angels will sing before handing me a plaque and escorting me to my pedestal where I’ll live happily ever after. There is no place where everything will always be easy, I’ll always say the right thing, and where I’ll have health, business, or anything else nailed all of the time. Nope, “there” is an illusion. I’m welcome to cling to it, but it’ll probably just give me a hand cramp and a headache.

Second thing: my daily meal plan. A while back, someone asked me about the sorts of choices I make during the day so I figured I’d share.

Breakfast: Smoothie. It’s kind of chocolatey (I do add cacao powder), though in truth it doesn’t really taste like a chocolate milkshake (but I keep trying to tell my kids it does). But it makes me happy, is easy to put together, and takes one decision off my list so I go with it. It’s probably been about six months running that I’ve had it for breakfast without exception. The basics of the recipe can be found here. I make a shitload of it (everyone gets a glass) + still have plenty for me. My Vitamix is my favorite kitchen tool.

Morning snack: Finish up the smoothie. Drink a glass or two of water. Pee a lot.

Lunch: Depends. Sometimes I’ve had a lot of smoothie and am not that hungry when I’m feeding my kids. Sometimes I’m really hungry. I snack a lot on what I’m making them as I get their plates together, even if I’m not actually that hungry. Yup, I’ll take another slice of that apple. Oh crap, I’ve eaten everything but two slices. Now I have to cut up another. I try to get a veggie and a fruit on the kids’ plates + something else easy (e.g., leftover hamburgers or hot dogs, pasta, or a chocolate hazelnut butter sandwich). Besides snacking on their stuff, I usually see what we have for leftovers (I try to make extras when I feel like cooking) and might do a bowl of some kind (e.g., roasted broccoli and cauliflower, leftover rice, chunks of avocado, some chopped tomato, a drizzle each of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar). Lately I’ve been feeling like a sliced apple or pear with a scoop of almond butter for dipping.

Afternoon/early evening snack: This is the time I start to feel the “oh shit – haven’t gotten to very much yet today but now I feel tired!!” gremlin (who is so incredibly irritating). A handful (or three) of chocolate chips helps. I really like the Enjoy Life kind. Safe for everyone in the family (food allergy-friendly) and with ingredients I can pronounce so they are Robin-approved. I really like chocolate chips. I try to be mindful because I know eating a lot of them can lead to pimples for me, but I really do like them. I used to go crazy in the Google snack rooms or drink a lot of wine to unwind. I think a few handfuls of chocolate chips are good progress.

Dinner: Something. The kids need to be fed. My motivation for cooking has dwindled the past few months. We’ve seen a lot more pasta, hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, and breakfast for dinner (potato chips too – I love me the Kettle crinkle-cut kind, though I’m continually reminded that potato chip farts do stink). Along with water to drink and a fruit and veggie on the plate, that’s where we’re at. It is what it is (and it’s okay).

Evening snack: Probably more chocolate chips. I really, really like chocolate.

So there you have it. That’s a pretty typical day for me. I try to aim for real food ingredients when shopping (i.e., things I can pronounce and understand), as well as organic and/or non-GMO verified. I figure less pesticide residue is something, for my family and for the Earth. I also try to stick with water and sit down while I’m eating (though this is a lot harder for me than I think it should be; I’m a terrible role model for my kids on this). While the voice in my head says “you should be making everything from scratch and growing all of the food in your backyard and singing while you’re at it + saving the world!!”, I’m doing better at telling that voice to shut the hell up while I continue doing the best I can wherever I’m at that day.

Some days are better than others. Potato chip-focused dinners will happen. It’s okay. I’ll try again tomorrow.


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