Get in the Game and Vote

Get in the Game and Vote

I’ve been a permanent voter by mail for several years now. I find it incredibly convenient. As an added bonus, this year whoever runs the voting by mail deal (at least where I live) made it so I don’t have to put stamps on the envelope — postage is prepaid. So now I don’t even have to look for stamps! Thank you to whoever made that decision.

With the upcoming election looming, it’s on my list to get my vote mailed off this week. I don’t typically follow much in the way of politics and have continued to be mindful of how much I consume (I find it makes me feel kind of crazy), though it’s been hard to miss the circus of this election cycle. Just when I think we’ve hit a new low, something else is said and I’m like “whoa, not sure what to make of that”.

As the question may come up, though not that it really matters for what another may choose, I have decided to vote for Hillary Clinton. From what I’ve read and seen, I feel she has more relevant experience on the political and world scene, as well as more tact and diplomacy in handling sensitive matters. And yes, I do feel the world needs the feminine perspective/energy. Is she perfect? No. Has she made mistakes? Absolutely. She is human. We all make mistakes. I know some folks will disagree with me, perhaps vehemently. And that is okay.

I’ve read some interesting perspectives on why others are voting for Donald Trump. One I especially appreciated was written by a woman who had survived a sexual assault, though I didn’t bookmark the article after I read it and can’t find the link right now (which is too bad as it was a very well written post). While I didn’t agree with all of the writer’s points, I appreciated her perspective and willingness to share. Is Trump perfect? No. Has he had mistakes. Absolutely. He is human. We all make mistakes.

I’ve got to give props to both candidates — they are in the game and playing. Yes, it’s easy for the rest of us to sit on the sidelines and agree with or condone someone else’s perspective. But to actually get in the game and play, where everything we’ve ever done and anything we’ve ever said is up for public inspection? Hell no. Who is brave enough to do that? Not very many. But they are.

Perhaps the issues they’re dredging up, for us as a society as well as individuals, is stuff that needs to come up, that was going to come up at some point if anything is going to change. At least for me, change is usually pretty uncomfortable. And I think we’re in the midst of great change.

Whoever you’re voting for and why aside, if you’re eligible to vote in this US election — educate yourself, listen to your head and your heart, and then get off your ass and go vote. The world needs each of us to show up.

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