Does This Piss You Off?

Does This Piss You Off?

This morning I got up later than planned and then dilly-dallied around, distracted by a lot of things (kids, snow clothes, dirty harmonicas, other things I can’t remember now). By 9:30am, I figured I was so off schedule that I probably wouldn’t be able to get anything done for the day. 9:30am. The decision that the day was shot was made by 9:30am. The hilarity and absurdness struck me. It was only freakin’ 9:30am! I could still make time during the day to make headway on the stuff that was important. And critical note: headway = progress, not perfection.

On a related note, I’ve learned this the hard way: If you don’t have enough time in your current schedule to do something for your health (like a few minutes of exercise, an extra glass of water, or a meal with more real food than not) or whatever else is important to you, having extra hours added to your day (if that could happen) won’t actually help.

Maybe hearing this pisses you off. (And that’s okay if it does — I would have given myself the middle finger hearing this in the past.)

However, the reality is that we have to make time for what’s important to us. If we can’t find the time now, is whatever we say we want actually a priority?

What’s stopping you? Where do you feel trapped, blocked, stuck? Does the present spot hurt enough to do something about it?


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