Other People

Other People

I’ve been pushing myself to get out of the house and hang out with others more lately. I’ve been sharing more, and around more and differing opinions. It’s easy when others think like me; it can be challenging when they don’t. Other opinions can feel…scary. Sometimes I find myself up on my soapbox and totally closed off. In these moments, I need a mental kick in the pants.

I’ve been practicing listening (and reminding myself I don’t have to agree!). Sometimes I think of it like a game — what new tidbit of wisdom is here that I might be missing? I also periodically need to remind myself that we’re all at different places, and it’s totally okay that we are. And thinking of relating to other people reminds me of a snippet from Nope, You’re Not Crazy.

Nope, You’re Not Crazy: Rising from the Swamp of Disordered Eating by Robin Massey


A note on other people.

Other people may not get you or where you’re at. That’s okay. There is nothing wrong with you (or them). Keep focusing on yourself; let them deal with their own shit (and everyone has some).

99.99% of what someone else says to you is about them, not about you. It’s not personal.

Bitterness keeps you from flying. Resentment will poison you from the inside out. (As much as you might wish it to hurt another, it will cause way more damage to you, like drinking a toxic brew in hopes it will kill someone else.) Feel the feelings (whatever comes up, it’s neither good nor bad) and then choose what you want to do.

Others will “wrong” you, just as you will “wrong” others. It’s going to happen. Feel it, let it flow through, keep moving on.

And yes, I know all of this is easier said than done. Practice and practice and practice. Then practice some more. That will be enough. You are enough. They are enough.

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