Go For Feeling Uncomfortable

Go For Feeling Uncomfortable

Feeling different is GREAT — when you’re trying to change something. If you want a different outcome, it’s got to be different, you’ve got to feel different. If you feel the same, the outcome isn’t going to change.

While feeling different is a good thing, it can also be incredibly hard and craptastic-ly uncomfortable. I’ve quit boatloads of time at the discomfort point (and it’s not bad for any of us who do, we’re human and change can feel really, really uncomfortable and we’re comfort-seeking beings). And — the way to the other side and the different outcome we want is through the discomfort. If we stop and go back the other way, nothing will happen. I hate to say it but we’ve got to invite in the uncomfortable feelings and sit with them.

Maybe this will sound fluffy or intangible, however probably the best way I’ve found to deal with the discomfort is to breathe. Seriously. I breathe into the feelings of “oh shit, this is weird and uncomfortable and this can’t be good and…”. I have to consciously relax the clenching in my mind (and usually stomach) and feel the discomfort, experience the discomfort, curse out the discomfort while staying in the room with it.

And you know what? Something will start to change. I don’t really know what words to use to describe it but the feelings won’t last forever. I may have to breathe into them again and again and again — the discomfort may come up a lot. And eventually something substantial will change. And I’ll look up and see I’m somewhere new, shinier, where I want to be.


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