I Did Hybrid Yoga Today — Go Me!!

I Did Hybrid Yoga Today — Go Me!!

After pondering over the use yesterday morning of my same old, same old workout DVD (plus a few extra exercises to change it up a little), I decided to pull out a different DVD this morning. It was kind of a crazy move, I know. (And if anyone is wondering why I go older school with DVDs, turning on my computer to use something I’ve downloaded feels like too much work first thing in the morning — plus I like the bigger screen of the TV — I’ve learned that taking away as many obstacles as possible leaves me without excuses for skipping exercise, making it easier to get it done.)

Now, I didn’t want to have to put on shoes or go anywhere or find/devise extra equipment — I still wanted to be barefoot on my yoga mat. Less things to get together. Thus I decided to go with Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown DVD (workout #2, if you’re curious, because it’s about 5 minutes shorter than workout #1). She describes it as a form of hybrid yoga. I suppose that’s an accurate description. In any case, I could do it barefoot on a yoga mat.

On a random side note, when I looked up the link for the DVD, Amazon informed me I had purchased it on 1/27/14. Wow — that was almost 3 years ago. I’ve had it for a long time.

Anyway, back to using a different DVD.

You know what was surprising and yet not? As I was putting the DVD in and then starting the workout, I began to feel kind of mad, irritated, uncomfortable, and annoyed inside. Using a different DVD somehow felt like a personal affront (how dare a different workout be used — don’t they (who the heck is “they” anyway?) know who I am??!!). Looking at it now, it was kind of hilarious (and related to some health block of mine, I’m sure).

I reminded myself that I had put on my big girl pants this morning and was totally capable of doing the workout, and no — it really wasn’t much longer than normal, and yes — a change can be useful sometimes to get myself out of that well-worn groove of routine. Doing something different is good for the brain AND the body. I might have reminded myself of this more than once, but who’s counting.

I made it to the end. It felt good. It was doable. I may be a little sore tomorrow. Maybe I’ll do something different again tomorrow morning. I’ll take it up with myself then. On a related though different tangent, my littlest pumpkin hung out with me for the duration of the workout, informing me at one part that I was struggling (after I started wobbling and almost fell over in a pose). I guess she thought it’d be a good idea to stay up after going potty at 4:40am, though she has finally fallen back asleep on the sofa.

What new thing could you do today? Sometimes feeling uncomfortable is good.


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