The Actual Good

The Actual Good

Question I’m pondering today: What makes me feel good?

I’m not talking the “This is so great and I need more and more and more until I feel like I’m going to burst/pass out!!” sugar, alcohol, or other “good” aka high leading to a monumental (and craptastic) fall.

I’m talking actual contentment, a sense of satisfaction that wraps around you, where maybe you’re finding yourself easily smiling for little to no reason (and maybe others think you’re kind of crazy), where you’re just feeling solidly good and well. That kind of good.

Hmmm…let’s see. Reading my current book pick: Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Working on a post for Skip the Box. Listening to my little girl play with her Barbies and animals. Hearing my little boy sing a song of his creation. Listening to my oldest talk about a topic she finds interesting in her Psychology class. Stretching after my morning workout (it’s done!). Finding acorns with “lids” and colorful leaves on the walk home from school. Discovering “Holiday Nog” (a coconut milk version of eggnog) and Mommy-approved candy canes are now available at Whole Foods. Opening my weekly Farm Fresh to You box (amazingly fresh stuff that is literally straight from the farm). And the list could go on.

What makes you feel good?


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