Out of the Box?

Out of the Box?

I had an interesting day. It was one that left me with a bigger heart and an expanded mind — I wasn’t expecting the fullness of it and was surprised.

I witnessed the giving of a gift. While the material gift itself held value, the way this one act of giving transformed into a multi-faceted love shower (seriously) was the real amazing part — and it ended up being a gift for many more than the direct recipient. And I see a big part of how it came about was that space was given for another to surprise.

Today I’m wondering: What if we let others surprise us more?

Maybe someone has a talent you don’t know about or knowledge in an area you’re needing help in. Or maybe they’re looking for some way to be of service in the world and you need a little extra support. What if we let each other out of the boxes we’ve categorized each other into (which we all do — it is so totally human)? What might happen?

Maybe we’ll be surprised, and left with a bigger heart and an expanded mind.

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