Climb Your Ass Out

Climb Your Ass Out

What box are you stuck in today?

I’m not good enough. I sound dumb. I always say the wrong thing. I don’t want things to feel “weird” (so best not to express a thought or opinion that might feel uncomfortable). I just need to lose 10 more pounds and then I can start going to parties/volunteering/dressing nicely/being happy/finding a job. Or maybe it’s a box of expectations relating to another person: he is trying to make me mad, she just doesn’t get me, they always do that and will never change.

You may not want to hear it (I hate when it looks me in the face) — we’re the ones who have built the boxes (yes — there can be outside help in the building at times, though we are the ones anchor the boxes down and stay inside of them). And we are the only ones who can climb our asses out.

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