INTERVIEW: Self-Care in the Real World with Jeanne Loehnis

INTERVIEW: Self-Care in the Real World with Jeanne Loehnis

Hello! This is round one of a new interview series I’m kicking off. I was trying to think of what to call this series where I’ll be talking with women who rock about topics relating to wellness, health, and creating a life that doesn’t suck — AND doing all of this in the real world. Some of the title ideas I had sounded trite, so I’m going to call the series “Stuff Robin Wants To Talk About,” at least for now.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to the first woman in this series: Jeanne Loehnis of Songs For Your Spirit.

Jeanne is one of my most favorite people in the world. When I was about 23, I’ll never forget a question she asked me that helped nudge me into the start of a healthier direction in my life, something to the effect of: Why did you lie?

I was a hot mess, knee-deep in trying to live life as I thought I should and greasing potential social discomfort with white lies (Actually say out loud I don’t want to go somewhere? Can’t do that! Better make up an excuse! Wait, what did I say? Crap…). She heard one fly out of my mouth and called me on it. At the time I was mortified and worried most about what she thought of me. Musing over it now, I see it was probably a first big wake-up call highlighting that I was living really out of alignment with who, what, and how I wanted to be — I was lying to myself every day. Ouch. No wonder I was a flaming hot mess.

Besides being one of my major life helpers (I feel lucky to call her friend and family too), Jeanne offers so much to so many: life coach, author, singer/song writer, workshop facilitator, and bad-ass life shower upper. You can find her at Go and check out what she’s up to. Some of my personal favorites include her book and coaching cards (which my kids love too, as evidenced by where they’ve placed one in their kitchen* — only stuff they like gets taped on).

For our interview, we’re talking about self-care. This is a phrase I’ve wanted to punch in the face (if the words had a face). Going back 5, 10+ years, while I “got” what was being recommended (take care of your whole self!), the words seemed trite, meaningless, and rather annoying. When I’d read an article about self-care and see the examples (“take a nice long bubble bath with scented candles and soft music”), I’d wonder if the author had any idea what real life looked like. An uninterrupted bath? Pre-kids, I would have waved the suggestion aside — I don’t have time for that kind of shit. Post-kids: Lady — I’ve got kids. I don’t pee in peace. If I tried a bath, I’d find two little people hopping in and sloshing water out of the tub and onto the floor. Which I’d then have to clean up. Yeah, no. Screw that idea and the horse it rode in on.

Looking at it today, I see that I was kind of (or really) missing the point. The specifics of what I might choose to do for self-care are up to me (and it doesn’t have to be a bubble bath if that isn’t my jam). The point is that taking the time for oneself is mission critical in resetting the body, brain, and emotions. When we take the time to do this, it’s easier to show up in the world. And when we don’t? Let’s just say it may be helpful to have 911 on speed dial.

Without further ado, I welcome you to our conversation. We hope you enjoy the interview and look forward to your comments below!

*Jeanne’s coaching card is on the lower left door. No, I don’t know why there is a blue bear in the top microwave. It might have gotten a timeout.

Back to the interview, we’d love to hear from you! If you have any thoughts on self-care or any ahas after listening, please leave a comment below. And rock on with whatever self-care works for you.

4 thoughts on “INTERVIEW: Self-Care in the Real World with Jeanne Loehnis

  1. V

    Great interview! I get my exercises in almost every day and I hear you on “it is not negotiable”! I get my run/yoga/stretching in no matter what. My body tells me it is time to exercise and I do it. I would like to be ‘non-negotiable’ in other areas of my life too. 🙂 Work-in-progress.
    In this year’s journey I found that I am challenged to do self-care in the emotions/feelings department. Then, I heard about women’s circle, thanks Universe! I actually joined Jeanne’s circle she mentions in the interview. I, SO recommend it. We, women especially, have a need to talk things out and when we do it does wonders for us. It definitely does for me. Thanks Robin. Looking forward to your next video/interview.

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