Already Heading to the Crapper…

Already Heading to the Crapper…

One of my personal blocks in life has been the story: If the day doesn’t start out as planned (i.e., as it “should” go), I won’t be able to get much (or anything) done.

So if I sleep in, my body is a little more achy, my kids wake up while I’m working in the early morning, I can’t find my slipper socks, or some other (probably ridiculous) reason, the day is headed to the crapper. I may as well pull out the chocolate chips and marshmallows (if I have any left) — why bother even looking at the want to do list.

(Reading that back to myself — wow. I’m not even sure what to say.)

I’m slowly (slowly!) learning that this doesn’t need to be the case if I choose to view a distraction, addition, or change to the morning routine otherwise. I can still totally get stuff done. The morning may look differently than I thought it “should,” though perhaps I’ll find something awesome in the unexpected twist. (And if I’m being honest with myself, more days have distractions and interruptions than not, so expecting some “perfect” morning every day is probably more about me getting in my own way, hmmmm…). Yeah, this story is simply a block — it’s not some immutable law.

So today, with both of my kiddos waking up early (5:45am and 7:03am — and this is after being up changing wet sheets twice during the night), I’m reminding myself to take a deep breath, get them some breakfast, and then start in on what I’d like to do. Today is going to turn out great, if I expect it to turn out great. And I do. 🙂

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