Dream Boards = Gag Me

Dream Boards = Gag Me

I’ve disliked dream boards for a long time.

I know some folks really like them and swear by them (and totally go with it if you do!). They always felt like such work to me. The finding of pictures (what if I don’t even know what I want??), cutting, gluing, and sparkles — gag me. I felt like somehow I was failing at them too, among so many other things.

So create a dream board? Hell no.

I’ve taken three incredibly thought-provoking courses in 2017 (health coaching, business, and money — if you’re curious about the details, I’m happy to share). All talked about writing down and then regularly reviewing goals to help make them visible and tangible. I grudgingly started writing things down and taping them inside a cupboard to help remind me to look at them periodically — and surprise, surprise, writing and then seeing the words was kind of helpful. I actually started making some progress on several goals.

I found myself less frequently going down my usual route of “I have this great idea!” and then forgetting about it one hour later until it came to mind a month down the road. Then I’d feel kind of guilty about forgetting it and not making any progress. So I’d resolve to try again, and then find myself another month down the road. Wash, rinse, and repeat; pretty much no progress made except for feeling like I was an even bigger failure (and I’m rather confident no medals are given out for whoever feels like the biggest failure). But when I actually started jotting stuff down and taping it up? Stuff started happening.

It struck me a few months ago that I had created a sort of dream board in my own way. And I actually liked it and was finding it helpful. And then the next thought was that was my original idea about dream boards were very box/block-like; I thought there was only one way to do a dream board and if I didn’t do it the “right” way, then I was failing. Hmmm…how many times have I found myself in this “there is only one way to do it” box/block? Yeah, a lot. And it’s a box of my own making.

So, here’s the main thought for today: There is no one way to do anything.

What’s the way that works for you? What feels like an easy place to start? Start there. That will always be enough, good, and take you somewhere interesting.

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