INTERVIEW: Counting Calories and Shame with Annette Sloan

INTERVIEW: Counting Calories and Shame with Annette Sloan

Hello and welcome to round 2 of “Stuff Robin Wants to Talk About” — AKA interviews with awesome women doing great stuff (catch round 1 here). Today I’ve got a real treat to share: I’m talking with Annette Sloan of (w)holehearted, and we’re musing on counting calories and shame (at least as a starting point!). It’s good stuff. 

I met Annette almost two years ago. I was considering taking a health coaching course and came across her website. Her personal story and struggles with food struck me, as did her writing and health coaching services for teen girls and women. She got the struggle I (and so many others) have been through. She understood and felt the pain. I had to know more about her.

We corresponded, and Annette graciously agreed to speak with me about her experience in health coaching. Fast forward a year plus: I’ve continued to follow her work and have been consistently impressed. She is the real deal in support and love. If I was looking for a health coach for my teen or myself, Annette would be at the top of the list.

When considering what to talk about with Annette, counting calories and the spiral of shame came to mind. I’ve spent plenty of time in both (and she has too!) — neither led to a happy place. Come join us as we dive in.

As mentioned, Annette has some great stuff coming up in 2017, including her group coaching program. Hop over to her website to learn more:

We’d also love to hear from you — any insight or ahas you’re taking away from our conversation? Please leave a comment below! Counting calories, shame, body image, and struggles with food can cut deep, and your thoughts may be just the support another is looking for. 🙂

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