Cheesy Advice I Love

Cheesy Advice I Love

My kids are watching a movie right now, The Little Engine That Could. While I find the movie kind of cheesy, I love what one wise train just said:

If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Either way, you’re right.

I’ve heard this phrase plenty before, though lately I’m really getting it. I see that it’s not about simply telling yourself some pretty words. Rather, it’s about actively being aware of where your head is at and the energy you’re approaching something with.

When I think I can and practice feeling like I can (and part of that is reminding myself to keep breathing!), I see that my brain is way more open — it’s like it’s searching for ways to make whatever it is I want to happen, happen. And you know what? I see that I generally find something that seems like it could be workable.

But when I’m in the “nope, can’t” space? Everything shuts down. My brain is closed; it’s like the possibilities and options have all disappeared. Yeah, not likely anything is going to happen.

I get that mindset stuff can seem really elusive, intangible, woo woo, or fluffy. AND — more and more I think mindset is really key to making any change happen. I think back to when I started to get out of the disordered eating space (and lost some weight) — it wasn’t because I was trying harder or found a quick fix. It was that I started to really think about the thoughts I kept telling myself, and to actually let myself feel whatever I felt. Yup, I had to change up both, to get up and out of the rut.

I just like this picture.

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