I was a Hell of a Gymnast (Let’s Talk Bragging)

I was a Hell of a Gymnast (Let’s Talk Bragging)

I recently wrote a post about letting my kids do gymnastics (you can read it here). In the post, I included an old gymnastics video from my college years.

I was watching it and thought: I was a hell of a gymnast! And I was. While I may not have been the best gymnast to have ever walked the earth, I was really good.

After basking in my awesomeness for a bit, I got to thinking about acknowledging things we’ve accomplished or are proud of (we can call it bragging if we want), and how much most of us don’t do it. Feel free to join in my musing.

I actually think this isn’t such a great thing, not acknowledging what we’re proud of. I’m not saying we should go around every day only talking about ourselves. However, to not acknowledge the awesome things we’ve done? How are we going to bring more of the awesomeness into our lives?

I’d love to hear your thoughts (and what you’re doing or have done that you’re really proud of) — leave a comment below and let me know!

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