My Work Story + Paying Myself First

My Work Story + Paying Myself First

I used to think that in order to be successful in my job or career, I had to work hard (which meant lots and lots of hours and little to no fun), and that I had to “pay my dues” to some external decider. I also thought that only a “real job” (i.e., in corporate America) was legitimate work; if I wasn’t happy in corporate, that was too bad for me. Suck it up, Robin.

Suffice it to say, work became something I dreaded, something to tolerate until the day was done and I could go home to do what I wanted. (Though by the time the day ended, I was a shell of a person and my home time was generally spent numbing out via food, wine, TV, doing more work, or some other such method.) Things for myself were always second (or lower) priority — work was numero uno. Perhaps the scariest part of it all? When I looked into the future, I couldn’t see much of a future. Some explosion (or implosion) was imminent if I continued on this track.

I’m getting that this was a story I told myself for a long time. And if it was just a story, that meant it could be changed, that work didn’t have to be back-breakingly hard work that I dreaded (unless I thought it needed to be), and that there were many forms of “real jobs”. And dues to be paid? If I thought I need to pay them, then I needed to pay them to myself in the currency of intentional focus and attention towards what I wanted to make happen. I didn’t owe anyone or any organization — I owed myself.

Now, over to you. If consider this idea for a moment, where does that put you with your work, job, career? What sort of life are you creating and do you like it? If not, you can change your story.

On a different though related note, I’d like to share a video I recently made on paying yourself first. While I think this is applicable in the finance realm (and money is related to health — we’ll save that for another day!), I also think it’s applicable to health and self-care –what we’re prioritizing and the story we’re telling ourselves about what is important (or not). Watch it below.

Resources I referenced in the video:
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
-Interview: Self-Care in the Real World with Jeanne Loehnis
-Video on self-care: Make It Easy

If you have any thoughts on today’s post and/or video, I’d love to hear it. Jot me a comment below and let me know what you’re thinking.

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