Resolutions and Stupid-Simple Self-Care

Resolutions and Stupid-Simple Self-Care

*Last post of 2016! Hope you have a great week; I’ll catch you next week.

We’re in the last week of the year. What’s your take on this week? Do you like it? Hate it?

I used to hate it — it always felt like such a let down after the high of Christmas festivities. I don’t remember exactly when but I started to kind of like this week at some point. It became a time to sort through odds and ends from the year (and maybe get a little cleaning out of drawers, files, etc., done).

On the resolutions end, I used to make a few every year. Most of the time they centered around better health, losing weight, making this year “the year I’d get healthy” and stuff like that. I’d feel some excitement when thinking about (or even writing out) such declarations of my intent (go to the gym 5 times a week and do an hour of high intensity cardio; say “no thanks” to desserts and eat salads at lunch!). I’d think — THIS WILL BE THE YEAR.

I don’t remember really lasting past the first week or two of January before I’d fall off the wagon. Then I’d go “who cares — too hard” and beat up on myself for a bit. It was kind of a sick (and predictable) cycle.

Anyway, the past couple of years I’ve set a theme for the year (idea from Jeanne Loehnis). For 2016, it was “The Year of Showing Up and Playing Big”. I really loved this. I wrote it on a paper that I posted at some point during the year inside a cupboard; I’d look at it most every day and periodically do a check in and ask myself: Am I showing up in my life and playing big? If not, how can I?

You know what? This sort of focus into the year was a lot more helpful for me than numerous resolutions. It skipped the weight of shoulding on myself and gave me a grounding point to orient myself around. If I wasn’t showing up and playing big in a situation? Okay, I could redirect myself, all was always okay.

For 2017, I think my theme will be around letting things be easy…

On a related note in the spirit of self-care (as I think we can all use more of it), I’ve got a bonus video for you today. It’s on stupid-simple self-care:

Links mentioned in the video:
-Interview: Self-Care in the Real World with Jeanne Loehnis
-Video on self-care: Make It Easy
-Video on self-care: Pay Yourself First

If a little boost on the self-care end would be helpful, check out a new e-course workbook I’ve got up to help you get a moving for 21 days –> 21 Days of Skip the Box Love: MOVEMENT

What’s your plan for this week, for the new year? Anything you’d like to see happen? I’d love to hear; leave me a comment below. And a very happy 2017 — I’ll catch you again next week.

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