It’s 2017. Whoa. I remember being in January a year ago and thinking — The holidays will be here again before I know it! — and those holidays have come and gone. And we’re into 2017. A very happy new year to you.

Following a week with family, I’m now back home and going through the remains of 2016 (bills, thank yous, laundry, and the like). Part of me is like bleh, things that need to get done; another part is like 2016 really was awesome!! I’m also starting to think about 2017.

What do I want to do this year? Be? Have? Reminding myself that it’s all wide, wide, wide open — a blank canvas if I look closely.

I haven’t officially set it yet though I’m thinking my theme for 2017 will be around letting it be easy and laser focus…more on that in the coming weeks.

I was rereading my last post of 2016 and wanted to share that again today. If you’re thinking about resolutions and planning for this year, this one may hit the spot. Here’s the link to hop over and read it: Resolutions and Stupid-Simple Self-Care.

If a little boost on the exercise end would be helpful, check out an e-course workbook to help you get moving –> 21 Days of Skip the Box Love: MOVEMENT

What’s your plan for this week, for 2017? Anything you’d like to see happen? I’d love to hear; leave me a comment below. And happy Tuesday!

Here’s to 2017. Happy New Year! It’ll rock.

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