INTERVIEW: Let’s Talk Feelings and Emotions with Beverley Densham

INTERVIEW: Let’s Talk Feelings and Emotions with Beverley Densham

Hello and welcome to interview #3! Oh boy — this one is a good one.

I’ve gotten into feeling my feelings and emotions. I spent years stuffing down anything and everything that didn’t fit into the “happy, cheerful, and things are fine!” bottle (and sometimes still catch myself doing it) — and I ended up a miserable and steaming pile of hot mess. It wasn’t pretty or fun; life sucked big time.

As I’ve (slowly!) started to let however I’m feeling be just that — whatever I’m feeling — I’ve been surprised and reminded again and again about how much easier life feels when stuff isn’t getting stuffed down and stuck. Like 1348 times easier, give or take. And now with my own kids to raise into (hopefully!) healthy and happy human beings, this is one learning I’m trying really, really hard to share — and sometimes it’s hard. I mean, where is the best place to start to talk about feelings and emotions? Especially as they are getting older, how can I help them learn about the power in feeling whatever they are feeling without sounding like a complete weirdo? I’m stumped a lot of the time (and probably sound like a weirdo).

In this vein of feelings and emotions, I’m excited to introduce you to Beverley Densham — author, kids coach, and founder of (and a lot more too).

I met Beverley through a money course I’m taking (which is awesome by the way — if you’re interested in learning more, let me know). I liked her from the start. Beverley was friendly, kind, and had this happy energy that was so tangible I wanted to hug it and her. And then I learned about her Happy Kids Cards (she did a round for me and pulled cards for my kids too).

Holy smokes — Beverley’s hit the nail on the head and created an amazingly beautiful way to open the door to a conversation with kids (and really anyone) about feelings and emotions. After she showed me the cards, I went and ordered a pack for my family, I was that struck. And I knew I had to do an interview with her too — the topic of feelings and what she’s doing with her work are too important not to be shared.

A big thanks to Beverley for speaking with me and diving into the sometimes murky realm of feelings and emotions (they even hit us unexpectedly during the conversation — yup, part of the hot mess of real life). So without further ado, I invite you to join our conversation.

Beverley’s work can be found at, and her YouTube channel is here.

And for anyone touched by domestic violence, please know support is available. One resource to start here in the USA is The National Domestic Violence Hotline:, 1-800-799-7233 | 1-800-787-3224 (TTY).

Thoughts, comments, questions on today’s interview? Beverley and I would love to hear! Please leave a comment below.

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