INTERVIEW: Let’s Be Real About Inner Peace with Maripat Abbott

INTERVIEW: Let’s Be Real About Inner Peace with Maripat Abbott

Hello! I’ve got a fun interview to share today. I spoke with Maripat Abbott of Manifesting Possibilities about inner peace in December (hence some references in our conversation to the holidays); I’m psyched to introduce you to her + muse on inner peace in the real world.

If I’d heard the words “inner peace” 5 years ago, I’d have inwardly rolled my eyes (and mentally told the speaker to shove off). Inner peace — what the heck was that? Something for a monk in a cave but not for me. I lived in the real world. Today I’m feeling a bit differently about inner peace (and it’s not just for a monk meditating in a cave somewhere). For this shift in perspective, Maripat is an important person to thank.

I met her almost ten years ago. I’d been given a gift certificate for a life coaching session. I wasn’t sure about this life coaching stuff but eventually (and somewhat grudgingly) set up an appointment. Note that at this point in my life, everything going on was a three-ring shit show (though I was trying my best to hide it).

Working with Maripat was one of the first experiences I had of looking outside the box I had unwittingly created (and hated) but that I refused to budge from (never mind it was crushing my soul and body). She was a huge factor in getting my butt moving into a much more happy and peaceful place.

In addition to life coaching, Maripat is a yoga instructor, author, and much more. Check out her work at

Alrighty — let’s get into inner peace. Listen in below; we’re excited to have you join us.

Links mentioned:

Maripat’s talk on the 10 Myths of Peace:

Maripat’s website:

Maripat and I would love to hear your thoughts! Questions, comments, feedback on inner peace or your experience with it? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “INTERVIEW: Let’s Be Real About Inner Peace with Maripat Abbott

  1. Lynee

    I have been wanting to listen to this interview since you posted it, but haven’t had the quiet time and space until today. This was 30 minutes well-spent with two of my favorite people. I am going to need the reminder that things are going to be crazy BUT I am at peace with it. Love, love, love this post.

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