The Seduction of Drama

The Seduction of Drama

Stuck in drama?

Sometimes I notice myself getting sucked into a situation. I’d guess most everyone does. While it can be easy to point to another person or the details of what’s happening around me and think “I have no choice!”, the reality is that I ALWAYS have a choice. I can choose to get sucked in, or I can choose to keep focusing on my stuff and stay in my own lane. I always have a choice.

Drama can be so very, very seductive (holy smokes, the seduction!). The details seem so important, and it must be dealt with RIGHT NOW!!!

However, if I take a deep breath and and then another, the view starts to clear and I’ll most likely see it for what it is: a distraction (with unimportant details, in the big scheme of things). There might be a decision that needs to be made. However, any decisions can be made outside of the drama. Staying stuck in drama isn’t necessary.

When I’m stuck in drama, I don’t get much done on the stuff that actually is important to me (and I’d bet no one else stuck in it does either), and that doesn’t feel very good. I don’t think it leaves anyone feeling good in the long run. If I think back over past “so important!!” drama situations, I see that nothing really good or important came out of spending boatloads of mental energy and time on them. Truly, they ended with quite a bit of wasted energy.

I want to feel good and put my energy towards that which moves me forward. So I’m going to keep taking deep breathes and reminding myself to stay in my own lane. And if I stay in my lane? It’s much less likely I’ll find myself stuck. Win.

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