1 Tip for Saving Yourself from Arguments and Circuses

1 Tip for Saving Yourself from Arguments and Circuses

When the world seems uncertain, we feel afraid of what’s going to happen (and if it’ll work out okay), and/or maybe things just seem to be sucking at the moment, I think the most important thing we can do (to help both ourselves and put good juju into the world) is to take the absolute best care of ourselves we can. Seriously.

I’m pretty sure my AM routine (writing, exercise, stretching, etc.) has saved me from 365+ arguments (and resulting fallout) that didn’t need to happen — because I took a few minutes to clear my head and knit myself together before going into the day and talking to other people. It’s also helped me find better words to use for the discussions that did need to happen.

When I’ve done my AM time, it’s 99.89% easier to spot a BS moment or circus that’s not my own before getting sucked in. While yes, it’s taken some intentional energy and focus to make this time happen consistently, it’s required far, far, far less energy overall than trying to extricate myself from a messy situation once in (plus it’s resulted in more toned arms — managing someone else’s circus hasn’t done much more than cause breakouts and constipation).

This daily routine (call it self-care if that strikes your fancy) has been worth its weight in gold and become mission critical for me. I kind of suspect it has magical powers and could help heal more than I even know…

If you want some resources/thoughts on self-care, hop over to this post.

If you’re thinking some exercise could be a BS-spotter/argument-saver for you but feel like you can’t get anything going and stick with it, check out this movement e-course: 21 Days of StB Love.

Save yourself those arguments and circuses that aren’t yours. There is much more fun stuff you can use the energy on.

Today’s AM time. My son decided to take a picture.

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