Learnings from a Recovering Health Coach

Learnings from a Recovering Health Coach

Happy Sunday! So working on book #2. It’s kind of funny — I hadn’t realized how much I liked writing until I started doing a weekly newsletter and wrote + published a book. Maybe it’s because I’m writing about stuff I want to write about rather than what I think I should write about. (I kind of have to laugh — this is showing to be a big learning for me: going from shoulding on myself to doing what feels good and I enjoy. It ends up better for everyone when I’m doing stuff that feels good and I actually enjoy.)

I thought I’d share a bit from my draft (I think the book will be about learnings with getting to actual health). Starting to focus on where I’m at rather than where I “should” be at or where others are at has been very helpful.


Others may be at a different place. Maybe they eat “healthier” than you do or maybe they eat things you wouldn’t imagine buying anymore. In either case, it’s all okay. Focus on where you’re at. Let them be. And if you’re offered something that doesn’t work for you? It’s okay to say no. At the end of the day, you’ve got to deal with yourself. Saying yes when I want to say no and then I feel like shit later? Not worth it (plus no one will benefit from my bad mood).

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