Late and Sick But Not Headed to the Crapper

Late and Sick But Not Headed to the Crapper

Today I was reminded of one of my old stories/blocks, that the day either starts out right and gets moving (and I pound away at my to do list to get things done), or I just won’t be able to get anything done at all and it’ll be a wasted day.

There is no middle ground. It’s a “good” day filled with doing or it’s “bad” and I might as well surf the web and eat a bag of chocolate chips.

This morning I decided to sleep in. I’ve been pushing forward on some projects, stayed up later last night, and then had so-so sleep with little kiddos needing some snuggling to help them get to sleep. I changed my alarm and slept in. Then my son woke up with a deep cough that sounded terrible. He also had a fever. Okay — guess he’ll be home today.

So yeah, today is off to a different start.

Part of me wants to slink into the “today is going to be bad; I might as well not even look at anything I want to get done and just watch TV and eat,” and wallow there. Another part is pushing me to “move, move, move — push hard and don’t be a loser”. If I’m honest with myself, neither feels good.

I’m thinking there has to be another way that feels better. If I sit still and hold off going in either of those directions, what might be possible? Kind of crazy but something else is coming up: maybe I can go slow, take a look at my list, and then do whatever feels easy and doable in that moment.

Somehow this feels better and I know I’ll get enough done if I choose this route today. Though if I choose to wallow or push, I’ll end the day feeling crappy.

More and more, I’m thinking there is really something to following what feels good and doable in a moment. It seems counter-intuitive, but maybe I’ll even get more done without pushing…

I’m going to try this route today. I’ll let you know how things go. 🙂

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