INTERVIEW: Limiting Beliefs with Arielle Zadok

INTERVIEW: Limiting Beliefs with Arielle Zadok

Hello! I hope your day is going well. Rain here. My kids have been making good use of their new umbrellas.

A while back I wrote about health blocks — it was a huge turning point for me when I started to notice the same old (usually crappy) stories I was telling myself over and over again about one thing or another, but that weren’t helping. One of my biggies: I don’t have enough time. (This one has been a personal doozy and still likes to pull my strings if I’m not paying attention.)

As I’ve become more aware of my own blocks, I’ve kept an eye out for resources to help with them. Some things I’ve found I’ve really struggled to connect with. They just felt really out there; I couldn’t see how they’d fit into my reality. (Go on a five day silent retreat or meditate for two hours a day? Ummm…not so much. I’ve got kids to get to school, dinner to make, and bathrooms to clean.)

I was thrilled when I came across Arielle Zadok. I was introduced to her through a business course we’d both taken. I then learned she’d gone through the same health coaching program I had. When I found out her coaching work was all about these sorts of stories or limiting beliefs (another way to call them), I wanted to talk with her to learn more. Within the first five minutes of our initial conversation, I knew I had to do an interview — though working with a concept that can feel out there for many of us, Arielle was articulate, open, funny, and real. She got it.

So without further adieu, I’m excited to share today’s interview. Arielle and I dive into limiting beliefs: what they are, how they can kick your butt, what to do about them, and techniques she uses with her clients to support them (I learned about malas and had my own aha moment about I don’t have enough time). We’d love to have you join us:


Want to learn more about Arielle and her work? Hop over to to check things out!

Arielle and I would love to hear from you. Any stories tripping you up or ahas you’ve made? Leave us a comment below. 🙂

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