When Self Help Isn’t

When Self Help Isn’t

Recently I was introduced to a new podcast by Rachel Sizemore called “Ripen”. 30 minutes into the first episode, I was hooked. Not only by the juicy themes (sex, relationships, and feeling sexy in your own skin), but it was like she was in my head. She shared experience after experience and I was like — “Holy smokes, I get you on that and that and that…”

Yeah, I’ll be keeping an ear on this podcast for sure. (Maybe I’ll see if she’s up for an interview — how fun would that be to talk about sex and the like here on the blog? Totally stuff that ties into body image, self-care, and the hot mess of life, and totally stuff I would have thought “I’m not supposed to talk about that!” before. When I feel like I shouldn’t talk about something, I’m finding it’s rather fun (and enlightening) to do so. Ha — maybe my inner rebel raising her head.)

One of the things Rachel talked about that really hit home was how a lot of self help stuff can give the message that you need to “fix yourself”. And how maybe this is really missing the point (and actually not helpful, feeding into the train of thought that we’re broken, need to try harder, etc.).

I wanted to high five her. I think back to some of my attempts at trying something different when I was really deep in depression and eating disorders, as well as some of the trainings I attended through work or books I read — a lot did leave me feeling worse. No wonder. I felt even more like I was broken when what I most needed was to learn that I’d never been broken or in need of fixing. Rather, it was okay to trust myself and go the way that felt best to me.

Anyway, if you’re looking for some food for thought, check out Rachel’s podcast. I’ll be listening in too. 🙂

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