Things to Try (New Book in Progress!)

Things to Try (New Book in Progress!)

Many things swirled around my head that I could have shared today. And now it’s later and nothing is particularly striking my fancy. So I think I’ll share a piece of my draft for the next book I’m working on. We’ll see how much of it winds up in the finished version. 🙂


Thinking back to the dietary theory lectures in my health coach training, every speaker had proof, passion, and real life examples to support their theory. Most every talk left me thinking I needed to overhaul my meals and daily doings. However, while I’d initially feel motivated to try what they recommended, I struggled to stick with the specifics. There wasn’t one theory I could follow in entirety.

While a part of me, at the end of the course, wanted to know why I hadn’t done more and better (why I was so lacking in willpower I couldn’t follow the raw vegan diet or Macrobiotics lifestyle for more than 5 minutes before I was failing in some way?!?), I somehow knew that going an extreme route (as it felt for me) was probably not going to work. What felt extreme did not feel good or doable for me.

Now, I’m not dinging any specific theories. What may seem extreme to one person may be just what is needed for someone else. However, I think in a lot of cases, small efforts will take us a huge chunk of the way to good health (and maybe even most, if not all). While we can try more extreme measures, if that’s not our thing and not working for us, we’ll probably have more success going a baby step route.

An interesting thing I did find on the different dietary theories: they all shared a common underlying theme — eat real food. Many also included some version of this message too: drink more water, move, and get enough sleep. I realized this was the direction I’d been going in my own life (and it seemed to be working well), so perhaps this was the thing for me to focus on rather than trying to should myself into following a specific diet.

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