Quit Trying (Maybe It’ll Help)

Quit Trying (Maybe It’ll Help)

I’ve been in a funk a good chunk of the week, kind of a low-level depression. I feel sluggish, fat, unmotivated, off – it’s been WAY easier to focus on my weight, mistakes, and all that I’m doing wrong. I feel like I’m not getting anything done – and thus I need to try harder, try harder, try harder!!!!!!!!

In this funky haze, I’ve dragged myself through my regular morning routine (some days hours later because I couldn’t get myself out of bed earlier): writing, exercise, stretching, meditation, smoothie.

It struck me today that a huge thing about my morning self-care time is that it gives me a space every day where I quit trying and pushing. Where I just let things be as I go through the motions. And it’s in this space of quitting trying that my head starts to clear, I remember I’m not a total failure, and things actually start looking up. When I quit trying so hard, my perspective starts to shift. Who knew?

With these thoughts in mind, I made a quick video while waiting for my talks to start today. Listen in:

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Thoughts, comments, feedback? A fan of trying hard (or not)? I’d love to hear — leave me a comment below.

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