So Beautiful

So Beautiful

We humans are beautiful. SO BEAUTIFUL. Sometimes I want to hug random people from the sheer beauty of our humanness (though I generally don’t — I’d rather not have to call my husband because I’ve been carted off). Maybe I’m crazy (and really, I probably am for many different reasons). I’m okay with that. I’m happy in my craziness.

I was reminded of our beauty this past week.

The first reminder came as I spent two days last week at a local high school. I spoke to seven classes for a total of over 100 students — we talked about the stuff I always thought you weren’t supposed to talk about. It was great (at least to me). As I sat watching the students (while I was hanging out between talks), I couldn’t not see the brightness of their eyes, even if slouching down and immediately pulling out their phones once they got into the classroom — wanting, hoping, needing to be seen, noticed, validated, loved. So much life, possibilities, ideas; some of it more hidden than others, though it was there in all. They were all so beautiful.

Today I helped in my son’s kindergarten classroom. 23 pairs of bright and eager eyes (and hands). 23 wiggling bodies. 23 happy voices. Some couldn’t sit still to save their lives; others were lost in their own imaginations most of the time. They all were trying so hard on every project, each in their own way. All wanted to be seen, heard, and loved. All were beautiful.

The teachers and school staff I saw — so many showing up to help young minds expand and grow. And here too, so many bright eyes and minds filled with ideas and possibilities (even if behind tiredness and pain), wanting to be seen, heard, and loved. Beautiful.

Sometimes we humans make…questionable…decisions. Sometimes we treat each other with less than kindness. Sometimes we hurt within and without. And I’m thinking none of this dims our beauty.

Perhaps our beauty isn’t hinging on our actions, how we look, a status we’ve attained, or stuff like that. Maybe it’s innately part of us. We are beautiful — because we are beautiful by our very nature of being human. Our beauty simply is.

What if we were to always look for this beauty in those around us?

Anyway, some musings as I sit tonight with a full heart. And to think that tomorrow I get to go out amidst such beauty again. I feel so lucky.

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