Celebrating It All

Celebrating It All

I’m continuing to work on book #2 (fun to think there is already a book #1). Today I’m celebrating what is truly a huge win: I’ve consistently worked on this book every weekday for the past month (a goal I’d set for myself). Even if only for 5 minutes, I’ve worked on it. And even on days like today when I didn’t get to it in the morning and thought maybe I’d skip it, I’ve sat myself down before heading to bed and at least opened the document. I’ve done something.

This is really a huge win for me. A big self-sabotage block I have is thinking I have to do tons o’work at a time or it’s not worth doing anything. Yeah, this sort of mindset has resulted in me not getting a lot of goals/projects done over the years. So, I’m reminding myself to just do something, no matter how little or stupid it seems. It all counts. (And truly, it’s been actually amazing to see how much has gotten done with little bitty baby steps.)

So in this vein of celebrating every win, here’s an excerpt from my next book:


Celebrate every single win (whether teeny tiny or bigger). Seriously. Whether that’s looking at more labels and buying something different, drinking an extra glass of water, doing five jumping jacks, or making a meal at home — whatever effort you make, acknowledge and celebrate it. High five or fist bump the closest person to you (or yourself). Say “I rock!!” out loud. Stick a gold star sticker to your shirt. Write what you did in a journal with an exclamation point. Do a little something to call out your awesomeness.

Every little celebration sparks a feel good moment (even if we feel stupid high fiving ourselves or others look at us weird). As we have more and more of these little moments, our bodies will get used to them and want more of them. This wanting more will, in turn, help propel us even faster forward toward health. Yup, this sort of celebrating is hugely beneficial.

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