My Kids and Depression

My Kids and Depression

I wrote about depression and not capsizing yesterday.

Those 3 things (everyone’s a hot mess, don’t feed the beast, and take my medication) absolutely help. And there is another huge thing that keeps me upright that I forgot to note: my kids.

Man, there are so many reasons my kids anchor me. Part of it is that sometimes they literally come in and jump on me in the morning. I could stay in bed, though I may end up with an eye poked out if I do. They need stuff and want attention. This helps get my butt out of bed and moving (and once moving, I typically start feeling better; a Robin in motion is more likely to stay in motion, as no motion starts me down the road of depression).

Another part is that they are something I look forward to each day — I really do like to see them. Their sparkling eyes and big grins pretty much always pull a smile out of me, even when I am a grump. The plump cheeks of the little kiddos; the fun stories of the oldest — I love each of them so, so much.

One more part that pulls me forward is that I see how much they watch what I am doing. I’m a role model for them whether I like it or not. They may not listen to a damn thing I say, but they watch what I do. This keeps me on my toes. It’s one thing to mess around in my own life. But to screw up someone else’s? That’s something else.

Anyway, a few additional thoughts for today. If you’re having a potential D-day, I send a huge hug. Everyone is a hot mess sometimes — you’re in good company. Take care of you today.

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  1. Lynee

    You girls certainly kept us going went things were really difficult. And we know that our behavior with our grandkids is important, too.

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