Depression = Helpful

Depression = Helpful

While part of me wants to cower at the spider fingers of depression that weave through my head some days, what if depression is actually kind helpful? What if it’s a good thing, a pointer that something is out of whack in life? For me, if I’m honest with myself, I found this is generally the case.

When things start to go down the crapper, if I take a hard look around myself, there is usually something that needs a tweak. Maybe it’s that I need more sleep, different choices in food/drink, more time outside, more (or less) time with other people, and/or more (or less) time on work. When I look back over the years of feeling crappy, the crap showed up when other things got out of whack but I wasn’t paying attention.

I’ve read about depression being a chemical imbalance. This makes sense to me. I wonder if the chemical imbalance is how getting out of whack in life shows up in the body, if we look from the body perspective. Then to fix depression from this perspective, we’d need to get the chemicals balanced again. This, too, makes sense to me. However, if I just look at the fact that a chemical imbalance is happening and then try to correct it from the body end (say with medication), I’m thinking that I’m only seeing part of the picture. And not looking at the entire picture? Perhaps I’ll experience more and/or longer depression, since I’m not getting the message that there is something in the larger view that needs shifting.

As always, this is not a “medication is bad” rant. Heck, it can be wildly helpful sometimes, and I’m grateful to have access to so many different treatments. I’n also not a doctor nor do I play one on TV. Rather, this is a pondering on taking a holistic look at ourselves and at life. Things are interconnected; it doesn’t seem like much exists in a vacuum. So if we miss viewing the bigger picture? Whatever we’re doing from a vacuum perspective, whether that be medication or anything else, I think it becomes a bandaid that’s just covering a wound. Maybe it’ll go away on its own, though maybe it won’t without getting cleaned out. Taking a larger view starts the clean out process.

So yeah, I’m starting to think those spider fingers of depression are actually here to help — to help me see when and where things are getting out of whack so that I can change up what I’m doing. They certainly come in a form I can’t miss.

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