I Guess I’m an A**hole Parent

I Guess I’m an A**hole Parent

Today I had a variety of things I considered writing about: my current dating adventures (I’ll keep you guessing on that), what I’m learning with my husband away for work (no, these first two are not related), and other things I’m forgetting right now. I didn’t get to my post before my son had school and then have been doing stuff since. So I’m now getting to today’s post and the thing at the top of my mind is that my youngest probably thinks I’m an asshole parent.

Would you like to know why? I wouldn’t help her put on underwear and pants. She has been dressing herself for over a year, but apparently that didn’t matter. So when I wouldn’t help? Screaming and yelling. I decided to go back and eat dinner. I hope she comes out of her room before bedtime to eat. We’ll see.

Here is a photo of us in happier times. This is not from today.

As I was typing this, she bounced out of her room, dressed and seemingly happy. I guess life will continue (at least for now). I am going to see if she wants to finish dinner. We’ll see how that goes. Until then, for all of you lovely parents — godspeed, my friends.

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