Today’s Lesson: Courtesy of an Infected Bug Bite

Today’s Lesson: Courtesy of an Infected Bug Bite

Got to love how life works. Always a lesson to learn. Today it was a reminder about funk times.

I was hanging outside with my kids after my son got out of school. I was glad it wasn’t quite as hot (though still sunshiny). My kids were happy and entertaining themselves. Things were good. I felt happy!

As we were getting ready to go inside, I notice I had an itchy lump on my shin. I pulled up my pant leg to look — and there was a bug bite that had a puffy white head. Great, probably infected. My mood immediately tanked.

My head went back to a year and a half ago when I had a spider bite that got really infected and my whole leg started to swell. It ended up surprisingly painful and I needed to take a round of antibiotics. Not good times. What if that happened again? What if, what if, what if?

It was like a switch had gone off; everything started to look bleak, desperate, unhappy. Oh, the world had gotten so, so much worse…

A couple of minutes later, I put on my big girl pants and told myself to clean it out (which I hadn’t done right away the last time) and keep an eye on it. Then I got my body moving and did those things.

Yes, there were things I could do; I was not helpless nor hopeless. My head (and body) snapped out of the funk. My day has continued.

I used to think the goal was to get to a point in life where I never got into a funk (which always seemed like some future “there” that I couldn’t quite get to). I’m starting to understand that the point isn’t about never getting into a funk; it’s about getting better at not staying in the funk and getting out more quickly each time. That’s the goal. That’s where the real magic is — lessening funk time.

And I see I’m getting better at moving up and out when a funk time hits. Cool.

Here’s a photo from this afternoon. I’ve got on my big girl pants and a band-aid (which just barely made it into the photo).

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