INTERVIEW: Talking Sex, Self-Care, and Much More with Rachel Sizemore

INTERVIEW: Talking Sex, Self-Care, and Much More with Rachel Sizemore

Sex and feeling sexy have been areas in life that for many years felt off and uncomfortable (and somehow taboo so I shouldn’t admit this; I should just know how to fix the issue). I thought that when I became a woman, I’d suddenly get it and know how to be and feel sexy (but yet I didn’t). So I tried to think my way into sex and feeling sexy — and it didn’t work so well. I never felt sexy, and it all ended up seeming like more areas in life where I was broken and failing.

As things have shifted over time and I’ve come to a healthier place, feeling better in my body (and actually starting to live in my body, rather than just in my head), I’ve begun to wonder if sex and self-care are related. As I’ve considered that maybe I’m not broken in other areas of life, I’ve begun to wonder if maybe I’m not broken here either.

Thus, I was psyched when I was introduced by Annette Sloan (thanks, Annette!) to the work of Rachel Sizemore.

In addition to her 1:1 coaching practice, Rachel, a sex, love, and relationship coach, started a new podcast this year: Ripen. After listening to the first episode, I was hooked. Here was someone talking about sex (with candor and style!), sharing real life struggles and stories that I could understand. And with each episode, I wanted to high five her. Rachel got women and the struggles that can come up with sex (and then actually had helpful thoughts and resources to share). Yeah, I had to know more about her and her work.

Annette graciously introduced us, and I asked Rachel about doing an interview — she said yes! So, I am thrilled to bring you my conversation with Rachel today. Oh boy, it was a good one. I walked away wanting to high five her even more (if that’s possible).

In our conversation, we talk about a lot, including:

-Self-care and sex
-The amazingness of sexual energy (yup, it makes life way better)
-If it feels like a struggle right now, that’s okay! You are so not alone.
-Different strokes for different folks (i.e., there is nothing wrong with you)
-Blocked energy and transition rituals

Without further ado, please join us!

Want to learn more about Rachel and her work? Hop over to her website:

Episodes referenced in our conversation:

Ripen: Episode 1 — Turning On with Rachel Sizemore
Ripen: Episode 6 — How to Get What You Want (in Bed) with Amanda Testa
Ripen: Episode 7 — What You Don’t Know About Sexual Desire
Ripen: Episode 8 — The Jade Yoni Egg and Igniting Your Pleasure with Violet Lange

Thanks for joining us! Comments, thoughts, questions? Rachel and I would love to hear! Please leave a comment below.

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