I Hear You: Pay Myself First

I Hear You: Pay Myself First

Today’s thought: I think the Universe is trying to get my attention.

I was listening to a podcast this morning by Mastin Kipp with Mike Michalowicz. While they were talking about money in relation to business, one of Mike’s recommendations is rather applicable across life: Pay yourself first.

I’ve come across some version of this message at least three times in the past few months. Yes, I think the Universe is trying to get my attention. I’m learning this is true in my personal finances. If I don’t make putting money into savings a top priority and do it before anything else gets paid, I don’t save. No matter how much money comes in, there is always something to spend it on (or so it feels like). The past three months I’ve tried the “pay myself first” route. And you know what? There is more money in my saving account and the bills still got paid.

I see it’s also true on the exercise and general self-care end. If I don’t do it first thing in the day, it’s not likely to happen. First thing this is critical for me. Probably about two years ago I started doing it in my pajamas and before all else. I’ve now done it every day without fail for over a year, and I’m in the best shape (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.) that I’ve ever been. Yes, this “pay myself first” thing is working here too.

Hmmm…making dinner, cleaning the house, and writing my next book (on some days) can be a struggle. I wonder if “paying myself first” would help here too. I’ll have to experiment.

Today’s photo is courtesy of my 4 year old:

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